Wednesday, April 22, 2020

MCO Activities Updates - 03

Hi guys.

Still staying strong in this extended MCO period.

Here's an update of my hobbying activities during the week:

Playing games

Finally after all these year I managed to persuade my wife to play some board games, since she mentioned having some dull times due to this lockdown. So I introduced some easy family friendly games for her to try like Catan, Bingo, Sushi Go, Uno and Saidina (Malaysian version of Monopoly).

Just a brief explanation; my wife is not a gaming person, especially tabletop / card game. To get her to accompany me playing one is hard enough, let alone participating in one. Fortunately due to this lockdown, she is willing to dip her toes in and to her surprise she enjoyed playing the games.

Catan board game


Sushi Go Party card game

Uno card game

Saidina board game
It is refreshing to see her enjoy playing these games and get me to play whenever we have free times. Usually we play during the children afternoon nap time...we can get around 30 - 45 minutes of game play before they woke up and start terrorizing the living room. Our eldest son is showing interest to play and we allowed him to join for a few rounds until his attention focused elsewhere. For the other 2 kids, I just gave them some dice to roll and usually they will sat there playing until bored or one of them start crying.

So that's all for now. No backlog clearing was done for time being...I need to find back the motivation to start again.

Until next time.
Stay safe everyone.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

MCO Activities Update - 02

Hi guys.

More updates on hobbying activities during MCO period.

1) Playing games

So like everyone else during the lockdown, I'm itching to play some game. And due to the isolation, solo play is the only option for the time being. Luckily I found a copy of solo rules for TANKS in GF9 TANKS Fan Facebook group. Kudos to Jonathan Peace for the rules, it is simple enough for a game and not too hard for anyone to understand and play.

So for the game, I played a 50 points game with American (me) versus German (AI):

American List
1) Sherman 76 + Baby Richard
2) Sherman 75 + Best Job I Ever Had

German List
1) Panzer IV + Joseph-Wilhelm Rettermeier
2) Panzer IV

American List - 50 points

German List - 50 points

Battle location & initial formation
The solo rules - AI system

The Sherman 76 managed to killed the first Panzer IV after a few rounds of shooting, but then was killed by the second Panzer IV. However in Final Fury he managed to gave critical damage to the Panzer IV. I won with the Sherman 75 remaining as the second Panzer IV blew himself up as he failed his critical save.

Here are some photos of the games I managed to take:

It was a fun game. The AI system is easy and random enough for the German tanks to give some fight to the American tanks. Kudos again to Jonathan Peace for the rules. Definitely will play again later.

2) Clearing some backlog

So I managed to get to clear another Gundam backlog.

Keeping the momentum going!!!! Will be clearing all the backlog by MCO period ends, which means I can buy more. Wahahahaha!!!!

Until then.
Stay safe guys.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

MCO Activities Update - 01

Hi guys.
Hope everybody are safe during this virus outbreak.

Here's an update on some hobbying activities done during homebound.

1) Making gaming table

Yup, that's right. I'm officially have my own gaming table ( oh yeah!!! )

The idea has been in back of my head for quite some times. Although I'm just alone to do gaming right now (waiting for my kids to grow up a bit more to introduce them to tabletop gaming), I want to have a proper gaming area which I can throw some dice and have fun indoor. So hence, my own gaming table. MCO period is the best time for me to make one since I'm not going anywhere, and I happened to have all the materials ready ahead of time.

My criteria of the gaming table are:

1) Must be lightweight, as I need to put and remove the table easily alone.
2) Must be durable. Although lightweight, the table must be strong enough to handle the burden of dice bombardment and all the terrains weight on it.
3) Must have borders, to avoid the dice from bailing the game and hide underneath the cupboard. And also to prevent the missus from having a reason to yell when she found rouge dice lying around :)
4) Must have small gap for modular base. This is an idea where I can make modular gaming surface / base which can be remove/replace for different type of game, for example forest base to city base to dungeon get what I meant right.

So, based on that..I get the things done. This was done on 26th March during the isolation period.

Materials I used:
1 inch x 1 inch wood - 6 lengths
56 inch x 3 inch x 12mm thk repurposed pallet wood - 4 lengths
4 ft x 4 ft x 3mm thk plywood - 1 pc

These are the WIP steps while making the gaming table

Thus, the completed gaming table was then was tested by my QC personnel and they approved. The table able to withstand the testing impact :)
The table is light enough for me or the wife to carry and move unassisted while durable enough to hold some games on it.
The next thing to do is to paint it to make it more presentable once the MCO ban is lifted.

QC checking in progress by some very dedicated personnel
So one item can be ticked off from the bucket list. GAMING TABLE ACQUIRED.

2) Clearing some backlog

So fortunately my TANKS backlog have completed before the MCO began. What's left are some GW's and Plamo's I have; Gundams, LBX's, model kits, and some odd kits lying around. So on 8th April I took 1 out and built it.

Still have a lot to go through the pile, so hopefully I can clear the backlog during the MCO. Unfortunately I may be can only build instead of painting as I'm running out of paint stock (I have limited paints by the way) or the paint dried up and unusable.

Anyway, stay safe everyone.

Until next time.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Progress Update : Pre-MCO (Before 18th March isolation)

Welp...time does fly sooooo fast.

Hye guys.

Time to provide some hobbying updates.
From Jan until March there were some progress done.
Unfortunately like always real life works interfere and I was unable to do update until now.

As all of you might aware, Papa Nurgle have set his eyes at our world right now, spreading the virus to almost all countries including Malaysia. The gov have launched Movement Control Order (basically isolation) and all of us are affected by this order.

Anyway, here's are the updates:
I've painted some Battlefront's Tanks minis which I have in the backlog; the American and British.

American Tanks

British Tanks
By completing them, I have completed my collection of Late War TANKS. I know these are not the complete range by Battlefront, but at least I have a decent pool of tanks to choose from to play. Another thing to take note that I did not paint them historically accurate. This is due to my limited knowledge of the actual history color schemes and my limited paint stock.

These are the Germans and Soviet tanks, all of them are not counted as they were painted way before on 2019.

German tanks

Soviet tanks
On the side note, I've also assembled some Ogors and Bonereapers from the GW Feast of Bones boxset. Shame I did not take come pictures of the WIP.

Until next time.
Stay safe everyone ;)