Friday, May 28, 2021

Gaming in May

 Hi guys,

Hope all you are in good health.

The Covid cases in our place are increasing and we are now in Enhanced MCO for two weeks. Hopefully this can make the numbers going down. So guys, please adhere to SOP, always always wear mask when outside, use hand sanitiser, keep clean and stay safe.

So with all of us spending most our time indoors, these are the activities done in this month:

1) Building plamo

As my eldest son already built his first just a matter of time for him to asked for a second ones. So this month he built another one, a SD Zaku.

2) Board gaming...and tabletop gaming also

This month we played several games, with emphasising to Warhammer Underworlds. It is a nice quick game where you can pit your warband with your opponent to get the most glory point. It is really a nice change for my wife as she used to play board games and now playing another tabletop game.

As usual, the boys cannot resist the temptation of throwing and rolling dice....and crashing their parent game date night.

Aside from WH Underworlds, we also played:

- King of Tokyo

- Train to Ride

- Dungeon Mayhem

- Uno

- Tokaido

We will try to get more play time for other board game and definitely will squeezed in some tabletop game in between.

So, until then.

Stay safe guys.