Monday, January 13, 2020


Hye guys.

As per the title says...just refreshing the blog page design & layout....just for the spirit of change (well, we still in January...still New Year right?)

So from old layout

from this.....
 to new layout this.

Less clutter and much simplified from the previous.
Got myself re-designed the web logo & personal emblem (wink wink).
Still keeping the Legio Malaysia group emblem as they are the ones who introduced and dragged me into the miniature games seriously.

Ave Legio !!!

Until next time. :)

Saturday, January 4, 2020

..and I shall HOBBYING again !!!

Greeting guys!

Still not to late to wish new year to all, so...

Ok, first off.

It has been quite a loooooong time since my last update. A lot of things happened during that time...we moved home, got a new job, spawned more minions, and trying to survive with every scrap we have back then.

I'm now a father of 3 energetic kids and we have pretty much settled down and stabilized our lives in the new environment. So now I have a bit of extra time again.

So like everybody else, new year comes with new resolution. Myself included as well.
For this year, I am trying to get into my hobby life least a part of it.

My resolution for this year are:

1) Clear my backlogs. I've been collecting some stuffs during the hiatus such as Feast of Bones, Renegades & some Gundam figurines. So for this year my plan is to build & paint all these backlogs.

2) Make a gaming table for myself. After the stuffs got painted surely we need some place to play, right?

3) Make terrain for the table. This one I set apart from the table as it will have it's own timeline to get completed.

4) Play some games. With all the little time I've got I will try to squeeze in a few games throughout the year.

5) Post update on this blog. I'm trying to make this blog as my 'diary' for hobbying related stuffs. So I intended at least to post an update or progress of the resolution in every 2 months or so.

Well, this is it then.
It will be my resolution for this year and we will see throughout the year if I can clear all of these.

I'm back baby!!! (or is it maybe?)
Until next time. :)