Saturday, June 23, 2012


It's been a while since my last post. A lot of things happens in-between these time. Our Legio Operation Bagration Campaign has ended last week. The German team have total control of the territories & the Soviet team have defended their lands with all it's might...yet the Germans surfaces as the overall victor. Its a wonderful games played & enjoyed by all players. Last night, a small ceremony held to acknowledged all the blood, sweat & tears, & we received our 1st actual medal...OOOOOYYYEEEEAAHHHH!!!! A big cheers to Khairul & Jeff for organizing this campaign & the effort they've put for the medal.

So, straight away our club organized a small campaign; the Tank Aces Campaign & the first battle was fought yesterday night as well. Basically, each player will fought as American (Allied) or German (Axis), starting with 500pts for Turn 1. Turn 1 will be running for 2 weeks (yesterday & next Friday).

I'm playing as American 7th Armoured Division Tank Company, commanded by Lieutenant Shukur 'No-One' as the Tank Ace (honestly, I've no idea how I came up with that name..hehehe). So far, I've managed to achieve 1 ability in the 1st Turn. Yet, the German do have a formidable commander which we, the American need to come up with tactic to fought the said commander in the next battle ;) hehehehe

Well, that's for now.
Till the next update.