Monday, April 26, 2021

Hobbies in April

 Hi guys.

We meet again.

Currently the Covid situation here is becoming grim. Cases are spiking up left & right. Terrible way to celebrate the holiday season here. 

So as the usual drill....keep social distancing, wear your mask, use the sanitizer, and always keep clean.

1) Plamo building

The first thing we've done in this month was my kid finally built his first plamo. I have a few collection of beginner sets kept for "future work" since he asked me if he can build one, of course I'll let him built one. The wife then joined in and the youngest kid also want to try. So I let them built. Of course the youngest one got my "assistance' to built his plamo. 

My second son....well, he doesn't not have interest in this...yet.

2) Board gaming

This month I managed to squeeze in some time for playing games. We played Takenoko & Fruit Spy with my eldest son.

I purchased a boardgame (more like educational activity game) for the kids online. It is called Dr. Eureka but its in China languange. Not sure if it is a ripped off of an original game or not. The games it to arrange the "chemical balls" as per the card given using only the plastic tubes. My kids really having a blast playing this games. It is straight forward yet need to think how to re-arrange the balls. I really recommend this for your kids.

Unfortunately these few months I am quite busy with my work. My factory are perfroming test runs to all of the machineries before our full operation commissioing by end May. After that some finetuning work on the production line until stabilize....then only I will have my free time like previous.

So, until then.

Stay safe guys.