Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Throwdown Pt.3 - Elites

Yup, last week Legio Throwdown was Elite slot...& luckily I managed to complete the bare minimum requirement of the entry. My initial plan was to send Terminator Assault Squad with a Venerable Dreadnought....unfortunately due to long holidays, I only managed to complete the termis. Lazy me :(

 Nevertheless...although not many entries were presented that night, but the standard of painting work was really really good. All the models were beautifully painted :)

The next Throwdown slot will be HQ...I'm planning to send the Emperor's Champion, Marshall, Chaplain & the Command Squad as my entry. The EC & Chaplain will be kitbashed & converted from various bits as I'm unable to get them in time for the throwdown.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Throwdown - Troops Pt.2

Last Friday was the 2nd Throwdown & the category was 2nd troops. So, this time I've managed to complete 8 strong men (Astrates, I mean....including 3 Neophytes) for that day.

Like previous entry, there were a lot of good looking painted miniatures presented on that day. Below some of the entries I've managed to take picture of.

Next 2 week the category for the Throwdown will be Elite. I'm planning to send 5 terminators & hopefully a Dreadnought (or Venerable...not sure yet) once I manage to get one hehehehe