Tuesday, July 28, 2020

WIP: Painting GW Stuffs - Part 03

Hi guys.
Hope all of you are well.

Here it seems that the second wave of Covid is start hitting back. There are increase in the cases in the last few days. Please please take care and be careful while doing your chores okay. Follow the guidelines and wear appropriate protective equipment.

Okay, safety announcement done.
So lets update (yeaaaaa!!!)

As per last update, I have assembled my Ossiarch Bonereapers minis. I have primed all and now started to paint them. Unfortunately the progress is very slow.

So I only managed to complete 1 model only; the Morghast.

...and the balance 3 will proceed soon.

On another note, my board / card game order have arrived (yeaaaaaaaa!!!!)
This time I purchased Azul boardgame with 2 player game mat and Dungeon Mayhem cardgame.
Without wasting time, me and the wifey tried the boardgame and IT WAS FUN!!!

The game mechanic is simple yet engaging. You need to plan which tiles to use and to which row you want to lay the tiles.
The wife really enjoys this game and I can see that we will  be playing it more in the future.
As for the Dungeon Mayhem, we will play it later.

So that is for now.
Aidiladha holiday is nearing and a lot of stuff need to be done.
I will do update once I complete the other Morghast painted.

Until then.
Take care guys.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

WIP : Painting GW Stuffs - Part 02

Heya guys,

Soo...just a quick entry.
After the paint test previously done, I continue building the rest of Ossiarch Bonereaper stuffs.

Not much photos as this is just straight up build and basing before splashing some basecoat.
As usual, real life is in the way on slowing down the hobbying aspect BUT I WILL PREVAIL!!!!!

End of rant.

See you guys later.
Stay safe.