Monday, June 29, 2020

WIP : Painting GW Stuffs - Part 01

Hi Gents.

Continuing the spirit of hobbying post-MCO, Since I've painted some GW stuffs previously before the lockdown on March, I decided to resume my painting work despite having low count of usable paint. 

So, these are the minis painted pre-MCO; a Stormcast, an Orruk Megaboss & an Ogor Tyrant. 

and this is what I resumed.

The Ossiarch Bonereaper & Ogor minis are from Feast of Bones boxset I purchased last year. My intention for these boxset apart from trying my hands on Age of Sigmar games, I want to use these minis for RPG. As all knows, GW have great collection of awesome looking minis especially AoS range and fitting for RPG plays...hence the collection starts. Hopefully if my wallets allowed, I want to have a good range of minis to prepare for that.

So, after few days painting, some of the minis are done. I took the Petrified Elite paint scheme and adjusted to whatever paint I have left to get as close as possible to the scheme. So you can see in the future some repeating color scheme across my minis due to my limited paint collection.

After this I will be continuing this range to complete my Feast of Bones stuffs before moving to other GW stuffs. So much to paint :)

Until then.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

MCO Activities Recap

Hi guys.

Back to the work desk ­čśô
Started my work on 1st June as the government loosen up their CMCO restriction for some businesses. The bosses are dying to get the operation up & running again (we also feels the same).

Anyway, for 75 days of MCO from 18 March till 31st May, it was a well spent time for me personally. I got to spent my best bonding time with my kids, gave all my attention to the wife, having time to de-clutter my home, and obviously immersed myself in my hobby stuffs.

So, achievement during the lockdown:

1) Made myself a gaming table
2) Played some games (tabletop & board game)
3) Clearing backlog...well almost all

Not a big achievement if compared to other people, they sure did wayyyyyyy better than me. But still proud at myself for managed to get things done during the isolation period. Playing games are definitely the best part, not only I finally can quenched my dice rolling craving, but managed to made my wife appreciate all the "junks" (that's what she called them) that I have been stashing for a long time. To be able to see her enjoys beating her husband in board games sure made all of these worthwhile.

As a recap, these are the kits I've managed to build:

1) Gundam - HG BF Hi-Mock
2) Gundam - HG IBO Hyakuren
3) Gundam - HG-OO GN-X
4) Gundam - HG-OO GN-X III ESF Type
5) Gundam - HG-OO Exia
6) Gundam - HG IBO Barbatos Lupus Rex
7) LBX - Pandora
8) LBX - Nemesis

Hope I can keep the momentum and spirit going after this.
It is already in a good pace, and I really hope I can squeeze in my hobby time as the work have taken over my life again.
We'll see how things fare out in the future.
It is my 2020's resolution to keep my hobby alive.

Ending of my useless rant now.
Until next time guys.
Stay safe.