Saturday, January 30, 2021

Tank battle & boardgames

 Hi guys.

Hope all of you are well.

Here in my place we are currently under 2nd lockdown (not so strict like previous ones), so it is quite a hassle. My workplace also is relocating to a bigger place, so real life is hectic right now.

Nevertheless, the Nurglings is clocking intense overtime here. We have a record high Covid-19 number yesterday, and pray to God Emperor it WILL get worse in coming days. So, please take care of your hygiene, wear mask and use hand sanitizer, and keep your social distance while outside, etc.

Okay, let's move on.

1) TANK game

First game of the year. We did a 3-way brawl 50 point between me (Soviet), Wifey (US) and Son (German). It's more like an introduction game again for my son and a first time for my wife. Very basic setup and battlezone for fun play.

Intense battle happened, mostly between me being targeted by Wifey and Son (as usual). They tag-team bullying me until I lose my first tank before their alliance broke down. The German defeated first before I lose my final tank to my wife. She won (again!!!!)

As usual, the other 2 kids want to join the fun as well. So we played the game in the midst of yelling and crying :)

2) More boardgames

Yes, I'm still drown in my greed to acquire more boardgames and I DO NOT regret it (wink wink). I got these games after stumbled into a chance to get them at a decent price. Just received it last few days and yet to play. So excited to start playing these. I choose these type of game for visualization effect during gameplay with my wife and son. With miniatures in sight, the game will be more engaging and exciting to see rather than just holding cards during gameplay.

Looking forward for more games and play more games...wahahahaha!!!!

Till then guys.

Stay safe.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

HELLO 2021!!!!!

Hey guys!!

It's great to see you all again.

First and foremost..... Papa Nurgle still ain't letting us go that easily. A lot of things happened last year and we are still alive and kicking....and of course hobbying.

Cliché as it might be, I'm gonna look back and see how much last year resolution was completed, and to make new one this year.

Without further a do....this is the 2020 resolution list I've made and we see how much is completed.

1) Clear my backlogs. FAILED

Ouch...just started and failed already? Damn....well, at least last year I've managed to clear almost half of the pile (Gundam & TANKS) remaining with GW stuffs....a whole lot of it.

2) Make a gaming table for myself. DONE

Yup. Made a gaming table during the MCO for the tabletop game baby!!!!

3) Make terrain for the table.  DONE

In a nick of time I managed to made a complete terrain for TANKS.

4) Play some games. DONE

Mostly played was TANK, and board games.

5) Post update on this blog. DONE

Have made monthly posting...however unable to reach personal target of 2 post per month.

Result: 4 of 5....not bad

So, this year resolution will be:

1) Clearing the backlog. No brainer. I want to buy new stuffs, so of course I need to clear the backlog.

2) Made more terrain for my table. As of now I only complete for 1 system (FoW & TANKS), so need to make some for WH40K & AoS.

3) Play more games!!!!! Need to made time to play more tabletop game.. apart from boardgame of course.

4) Post update on this blog. This year I will again try to get 24 posts by the year end. So more gaming = more posting.

That's all for now.

We will see how the progress in this year will be.

Until then. 

Take care