Tuesday, December 29, 2020

WIP, Terrain, Games and Young Blood

That's a heck of a title.

Hi guys.

The year end is approaching. But before that, it's not too late to wish Merry Christmas to all of you my friends. 

The Covid situation here is still not pretty. Papa Nurgle is not satisfied with the amount of pestilence spread in the world, so the nurglings is doing overtime. As usual, please wear mask when you are outside, use hand sanitizer, maintain your hygiene, keep social distancing and so on.

1) WIP: Painting GW Stuff - Part 05

With the new paints stock in hand, I'm scrambling to clear my painting backlog ASAP. Need to clear the grey mountain fast if I want to add more to the collection. 

So, I present thee...the last of Morghast quadruple.

Boy band pose

Next up, another set of Immortis / Necropolis, and after that the Mortek guard. Then the OBR side will be complete and I can move to completing the Ogor side....still a long way to go.

2) Making terrain

More specifically, making forest for TANKS / Battlefront minis. Since I have a lot of tanks and I have completed painting my TANKS stuffs...so it is appropriate to have a decent selection of terrain to play with.

With that in mind, and after hours of rummaging through the endless tide of boxes in my storage room, I finally found all the items needed to make the terrain....sometime it is a good thing you are a junk collector, you never knew when the item will becoming handy, especially during those eureka moments.

So this is my eureka moment:

I may have gone a bit overboard with the quantity. Somehow I feel like I've made too much. But in the same time I also feel like it is not enough...how conflicting. Anyway, it turn out pretty nice. The variety of tree type and height give a bit of natural vibe of a forest.

Test shot terrain with Tiger I

Test shot terrain with Tiger I

3) Playing board game

I managed to get Fireball Island : The Curse of Vul-Kar for the kids to play...at least. The game is interesting and engaging enough for my eldest son to remain at his sit throughout the game play. 

The other two boys however, were delighted to play...not the game, but just playing the marbles over and over again. They went HYSTERICALLY laughing and screaming while flicking the marbles through the island walkway and in Vul-Kar. Several fighting had to be intervened before they accidentally break the board game. 

Need to have strict parental guidance if you want to play this with under age kids.

Other than that, I've included my eldest son to play Kingdomino, Point Salad, Bears & Babies, and King of Tokyo (which is his favorite). I'm hoping to let him exploring into more "heavier" game for him to learn and train his cognitive and critical thinking skills.

Protesting as he wasn't allowed to play.

4) Playing World Of Tank : Miniature Game

I finally got my WoT copy just before Christmas. And my eldest son is really interested to join in. So as a fellow gamer would do, I introduced him to this hobby. I teach him the basic rules to use and played a couple of rounds to get him familiarize.

Look at the smile

We played for a few rounds, which he kicked my butt through out the game (Newbie luck). It is a good feeling when seeing your kids try and enjoy the hobby you have, It gave me much opportunity for bonding with the boys aside from being a strict parent to grow them.

Accompanying his brothers while playing

Quite a post this time.
Well, it is a pleasure for me in this chaotic year 2020.
A lot of achievement done (I presume), and a lot more to be done.

Stay safe guys.

See you next year.

Till then.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Paints!!!! ....& Boardgames

 Hi guys.

Hope all of you are in good health.

Finally the gov. have lifted up the travel restriction and CMCO in most places, so all of us now can have a breather. However, please take care as Covid cases number is still high. Take care of your hygiene, always wear mask and use hand sanitizer, keep your social distance while outside and etc.

Okay, moving on.

1) Paints & Painting GW Stuffs

So, after a long procrastinating....I have finally bought some paints to replaced the expired ones. 

Now, losing excuse to being lazy, I am now resuming painting my Ossiarch Bonereaper minis.

Finish my 3rd Morghast. Eyeing to complete the last one before month's end. I still have a boatload of minis begging to be completed.

2) Playing board games

Got myself buying more boardgames...just....can't...stop. So as usual my lovely wife is my sparring partner on trying these games, which in most of the times winning even though she is not a avid gamer (hmmmm...)

Ticket to Ride




The Cikgu Life (local game)

Usually when I got new games, I will always do a playthrough for a couple of times to judge the difficulty of the games before I get my son to play along in the next session. In this way I can know if he can cope up with the mechanism of the game or will be confused by it during his play. I don't want that as it will made difficult for him to understand and enjoy the game.

So that's all for now.

Stay safe guys.

Until then.