Monday, December 31, 2012

Final Update in 2012

Yup, this will be the last update for 2012!!! Wuuhuuuu!!! XD

There's nothing much I did in December except attempts to upgrade my list to 1,500 points by painting more gaunts for the spamming Tervis & another Hive Guard. And just recently get myself another set of gaunts & gargoyles to be painted on next year :)

This year has been a truly wonderful year for me. Not only I've just starting this miniatures hobby & gaming, but the amount of knowledge & experiences I got through mingle with all the members of Legio Malaysia club & peoples who have the same interest in this hobby. I really enjoyed & appreciate every single moment of it and looking forward for next year events & campaigns ;)

So, to all miniatures hobbyist & gamers who read this blog, I wish you all a joyous & wonderful new year ahead.


Monday, November 19, 2012

1K Nids complete !!!

My final gaunts has been fully painted yesterday..and now I've officially have a 1K points of Nids!!! Wahahahaha!!!!

My 1K list so far:

Tervigon (Scything Talon, Catalyst)

2 x  Hive Guard

10 x Termagaunts
     Tervigon (Scything Talon, Toxic Sac, Onslaught, Catalyst)
10 x Termagaunts
     Tervigon (Scything Talon, Toxic Sac, Onslaught, Catalyst)

Trygon (Adrenal Gland)

So, this Friday will be my debut in WH40K games..need to study & understand the rules....hopefully I'll able to learn fast & expand my Hive Fleet. Next Target - 1500 points!! :)


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Iron Painter - MaGaCon, Publika Solaris

Hehehehe you read that right...I've participated in Iron Painter Challenge organised by our club Legio Malaysia for MaGaCon at Publika Solaris, Dutamas. The challenge started from 10am yesterday & end up 10am read it right This update is done at the venue after the event finished.

I've put myself through hell for this event. Although Jeff has advised how tough this event is, I never expect it will be that tough. After we've past the 12 hour mark....things went crazy. Everybody scrambled to finish their stuffs. Fortunately, 7 of us survived the night & were awarded with a certificate, proof of our accomplishment.

Starting condition

Complete painting
I feel satisfied of myself, since this is my first Iron Painter challenge & I had to paint all 30 Soviet Tankovy Batalon manually without any airburshing....hehehehe.

It was a extraordinary experience to be participating in this event with these guys. I can't thank enough to all who gave support & encouragement to each other to complete the challenge. Salute to Jeff for organizing this wonderful event, Khairul as he won the bragging right crowned with Purity Seal for Best Choice Army, Iqbal for accomplished 50pcs painted models, Joshua, Janice & Alvin for being awake the whole time painting their stuffs. You guys earned & deserved that title :)

Winner of Best Choice Army

The Iron Painter winner's painted army

Other's competing armies :-

The brethen of Painter has borned
So, I'm signing off..wanna get a good sleep after being awake for almost 30 hours straight (its almost 1pm now)..


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Case Yellow Final Turn & More Bugs.....

Yep...the title says it all. We've come to the final turn in our Case Yellow Campaign, which was suprisingly come down to a brawl just between me & Iqbal to decide our victory. And as expected, he has more battle experience than, the Axis have won this campaign.

I really enjoyed in participating this campaign although I didn't contribute enough to secure our team victory. Alot of mistakes were done during the battles, but least I 've learned more out of it ;)

So, this is the final FoW campaign for year 2012 & I'm really looking forward for more campaign next year :D

Coming to my WH40K progress...I've painted 10 termies & just left with another 10 termies to complete my list. Hopefully I can get it done fast...I'm itching to learn & play 40K games with them wahahahaha!!!!

Although...the completion of my Hive Fleet will only come after the 1st week of November, because I'll be participating in Iron Painter organised by our club Legio Malaysia on the 3rd & 4th Nov..hehehe so I guess the bugs invasion has to be postponed for a while then hehehehe


Monday, October 8, 2012

French Combat Company - Turn 5 & Bugs...

Case Yellow Campaign......not in good condition. My French army still being overwhelmed by the Germans. The loss in battle on last Friday sure making us Frenchies getting further from our victory. The fight between me & Nahri didn't go as intended. Even I've managed to reached my objective, I failed to kill his tank & capture the objective..huhuhu

Next week will be the final battle..must make the German team just settle with a draw ;)

On the other 3rd Big Momma for WH40K has complete. Now I have 3 Tervigons to spam the table with gaunts wahahahaha!!!!!! :D

Now I've just need to paint up 20 gaunts & my 1K list will be complete, though I'll be using proxy bases as spammed gaunts for time being hehehehe

Sorry for the photos quality, I took them using my phone camera...not that bad but ain't that good either. My beloved DSLR won't be available for time being so please bear with me ;)


Monday, September 24, 2012

French Combat Company - Turn 2 & other stuff :)

Finally managed to get some time to blog.... Ok, for our Case Yellow Campaign, things doesn't turn out quite well for my army. Engaged with German FJ's swooping down with their gliders directly on top of the defending platoons, mine doesn't have good chance surviving the assaults. By turn 6 of the game I've lost as Khairul managed to secure one of the objectives....huhuhu

Gliders landed on top of objective & defending platoon

Same situation on the other end

Defending platoon destroyed by the German suprise assault

Again...same fate at the other end...huhuhu

Due to that, my enraged comrades fought their battles & won, securing France from the upcoming invasion...On Turn 3, the Allies has better chance to gain overall victory in this campaign as long we win against Axis team this time, though I'm unable to contribute in the next Turn 3 & 4 :(
Nevermind that, I'll still have my chances on the final 2 turns hehehe

On the other hand, I've been filling my extra time at home painting my 3rd Tervigon....still in WIP by the way. Hopefully I'll get the momentum & continue to expand my Hive Fleet, still have more goodies in line to paint :)

WIP Tervi

Hive Fleet Seiryuu creatures....& still expanding
That's all for now.

Monday, September 10, 2012

French Combat Company - Turn 1

Alas, last Friday we have the first battle defending motherland France from German invasion. The Germans came with all forces, tanks, infantry...and gliders trying to breaktrough into our precious soil. My first battle was with German Tank company. It was a frustrating fight, to lost the battle just because of failed motivation test...Huhuhuhuhuhu.

My tanks in reserve doesn't even have the chance to enter the battle. Although, the Fusilier Platoon have did a wonderful job dodging all hell thrown to them by the Panzers & 8.8cm gun. In 5 turns, only one casualty from the platoon. Even the Company Commander deserve a medal by surviving shots from Stuka... oyeaaaahhhh!!!!!!

The French Tank Company rolls in before the battle
The only charred metal made by the Laffly AT gun
The objectives specially painted for this campaign......
too bad since not used in this turn :(

Unfortunately, my battle ends short & I went back early, so not sure who have the overall win for Turn 1. By that time, both side had won one battle each & result from the final battle between Sir Mark from Brits against Lord Vuel of Germany will have the final say.

And as a special treat to all the players, Khairul has been a good man by getting us (the players) exclusive t-shirt for the campaign....but of course with a price ;). It's a simple yet nicely designed & feels good to wear. Thanks man! :)

So....we'll see the result on Turn 2.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Ooooyyyeeeaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!'s feel sooo good to be back again :D Wahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
I never thought fasting month will be this hectic for me. My hobby schedule was all messed up during this fasting month, & it's suprised me...huhuhuhu
Anyway, I didn't slacked off & managed to do some itsy bitsy hobby stuffs during the period........

I've almost complete with my army for our Case Yellow Campaign, organised by our club Legio which will be starting by next week. I'll be playing as French Compagnie de Combat hehhehehehehe

I've also managed to do a small diorama, just to get back into the WH40K mood...been away from them way too long....need to get connected back to the Hive Mind :)

Hmmm...well, more update after this. Need to complete my FOW army list for Case Yellow hehehehe

Cheers :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tank Aces :- Turn 2

Last Friday we've entered Turn 2 in our Tank Aces Campaign. This time the army list point increased to 700pts....thus, I've included 3 more tanks in my 7th Armoured Div.

My battle that night was against Hauptmann Blitz with his 3 Jagdpanthers....& Lady Luck was with the American team this time. The risk on sending first wave of tanks to the frontline as bait was worthy. Their sacrifices were not in vain as the 76mm Sherman tanks in the second wave able to take out the enemies, making the team emerged as the total victor in the battle...& the endless domination of Hauptmann Blitz was stopped by No-One :)

Unfortunately I forgot to take photo of the historical moment.....silly me..huhuhuhuhu

Well, next Friday the stakes will be higher, each team will have 900pts army & definitely no doubt in my mind that Hauptmann Blitz will hunt down No-One to get his revenge... hmmmmmmmm we'll see about that ;)

And as most of us known, the WH40K 6th ed. has released. Our club members wasted no time getting their hands on the new rulebook & play-test it. It was fun to see, although I'm still not familiar with the rules & stuffs yet. Oh well, just go with the flow then :)

Till next time.