Monday, December 31, 2012

Final Update in 2012

Yup, this will be the last update for 2012!!! Wuuhuuuu!!! XD

There's nothing much I did in December except attempts to upgrade my list to 1,500 points by painting more gaunts for the spamming Tervis & another Hive Guard. And just recently get myself another set of gaunts & gargoyles to be painted on next year :)

This year has been a truly wonderful year for me. Not only I've just starting this miniatures hobby & gaming, but the amount of knowledge & experiences I got through mingle with all the members of Legio Malaysia club & peoples who have the same interest in this hobby. I really enjoyed & appreciate every single moment of it and looking forward for next year events & campaigns ;)

So, to all miniatures hobbyist & gamers who read this blog, I wish you all a joyous & wonderful new year ahead.