Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Even more boardgames

 Hi guys.

Hope all of you are feeling well.

Right now Malaysia is having its 3rd wave of Covid-19. Cases are spiking up at a lot of areas and all of us are in cautious. Hopefully the government won't activate the nationwide MCO again. So please take care your hygiene, always use sanitizer and face mask, follow proper social distancing and etc.

Okay, PSA done :)

So in this few weeks I just played more boardgames rather than painting. Apart of it is due to my paint stock have ran out and I'm too lazy to pull my ass out to go and buy. Another reason is as my eldest son showing more interest in playing games, we decided to regularly include him in the session, usually after me and wifey have tested the game first.

So far we have played these new games apart from existing ones:

Malaysian dream

Trash Panda


Camel Up


Salad Point

It is very refreshing to have my eldest son showing his interest in playing board games. It can be as a learning lesson for him to do decision making and critical thinking. Me and wifey are not playing competitively with him (yet) so it's good for him. Now I'm thinking to expand my collection with more child friendly / family games for all of us to enjoy.

Ok guys.

Until next time.

Stay safe.