Saturday, November 21, 2020

As you expect: more boardgames...and making insert

 Hi guys.

Another update from me.

Embarrassing enough, in October & this month, I was unable to meet my minimum blog posting target of 2 posts per month. Reason : as usual...blame it to the real life interruption (don't we all). 

And PSA: we still in the midst of MCO here in my place. Although no CMCO implemented here, a lot of other states had to observed CMCO by the gov. agencies. So stay safe guys, take care of your hygiene, always use sanitizer and face mask when outdoors, follow proper social distancing and etc.

1) Boardgames

So, as the title says...more boardgames acquired....again. However, this time they are all preloved games. I stumbled across a boardgame group on Facebook and saw they frequently made prelove sales. And from there, I made my purchases.

The first purchase was a bundle of joy (ahem....boardgames of course :P). I get myself these :

1) Zombie Kidz Evolution

2) Colorpop

3) The Magic Labyrinth

4) Zooloretto

5) Dice tray (the wooden box with magic circle illustration)

The aim of this purchase is to get some family friendly games so that my eldest son can play. Of all the games, he loved Magic Labyrinth the most. The simplicity of the games plus with the risk / reward he got while playing, is just nice. He really enjoyed it and we always start our session with several rounds before playing other games.

Another purchase I made was for King of Tokyo 1st Ed. with Power Up & Halloween Expansions under a good bargain price.

Again, this game is enjoyable for family to play. My wife and kid LOVED to kick my butt (in game) whenever they have the chance. Another gem to keep.

2) Card game insert

On a side note, I've been making homemade insert for my card games. Some of the games does not come with insert, making the cards jumbled up together and kinda messy and took time to arrange back.
I'm using foam sheet for the inserts, which then I realized I should have been using foamcore sheet instead. Although foam sheet is easy to handle, it is quite fragile compared to foamcore. However, since I've bought it already, I might as well use it up.

So I've done a simple insert for:

1) Nak Makan Apa? (local game)

2) Sushi Go Party

As you can see it is a simple insert separating different cards, making arranging and picking much easier for the games. I'm thinking to do more for other games I OCD is growing.

That's it for now.

See you guys later.
Stay safe.