Saturday, March 24, 2012

Update : Tyranids - Progress

I've done quite a progress after the last update. I've managed to complete my second Hive Guard on Thursday night & started on my second Tervigon yesterday...wooohoooo!!!!

I brought them to our hobby night for other members to see them, & I've received alot of positive feedback on how to improve their appearance. One of it is our member Dan advised & showed me how to make depth impression on the models. I knew something was not quite right with my models earlier & thanks to him, I've figured out the issue. So, once the second Big Momma completed, I should able to have the right depth appreance on my army.
Below are some pictures taken on the gaming table :)

Next update wil be after the Tervigon completion.
Cheers :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Update : Tyranids - Tervigon WIP

After almost a week of struggle, my Tervigon is complete...well, almost :)

As you guys can see, that's how it look like after painted & based. I just need to do some minor touch-ups, & I'm thinking of applying blood effect at the birth sac. My idea is the blood color will be green, mainly to match up Necron internal glow (the translucent green) which my partner will be painting for his list.

During my search on the net, I've found this cool forum The Tyranid Hive, which made specially for Nids player hehehehe. Good info found & the forum also pretty active & entertaining. This will be one of my good resources for future experience.

Back to the topic, I found this link in the forum which explaining the steps of making blood stain, which I hope I'm able to replicate it for my Tervigons. Wish me luck, this will be my first attempt to make blood stain hehe

Apart from that, the next plan will be painting another Hive Guard before getting back to the second Tervigon, switch to dozen termagants before completing the final Momma.

So, till the next update.
Cheers :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Progress in Absence

It's been a month since my last post...huhuhu time really fly when you have alot of stuffs to keep up with. So, progress updates within the time we go:

Mid Feb.:
- Start collecting Flames of War Soviet 8th Independent Penal Battalion which will be going for war in Bagration Campaign by mid May.
- Painted mock sample for Soviet Tank. Trying to see the color scheme if it's okay or not.

End Feb.:
- Completing mock sample a.k.a. 1st diorama attempt of Tyranids. Quite proud of it as it turned out to be as I imagined ;)

- Bought WH40K Tyranid Hive Guard (x2) to get ready for Kindred Tournament on end June. Start priming & do basing along with the Trygon bought earlier.

Early March till to date:
- Got myself two new housemates (?). Quite actively distracting me to get my attention & affection, while deterring me from completing my hobby works.

- Successfully convert my storage room into my hobby den (finally...YEAAAAA!!!!) Its not a big space but decent enough to have a dedicated place to pile up my works without trashing up the whole living room ;)

- Received the new Tervigon (x3) OOOOYYYEEEEAAAAGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

- Completed color scheme for my Hive Fleet. Muahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

That's all for now. I'll update more once all the Big Momma's done priming & based.