Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tank Aces :- Turn 2

Last Friday we've entered Turn 2 in our Tank Aces Campaign. This time the army list point increased to 700pts....thus, I've included 3 more tanks in my 7th Armoured Div.

My battle that night was against Hauptmann Blitz with his 3 Jagdpanthers....& Lady Luck was with the American team this time. The risk on sending first wave of tanks to the frontline as bait was worthy. Their sacrifices were not in vain as the 76mm Sherman tanks in the second wave able to take out the enemies, making the team emerged as the total victor in the battle...& the endless domination of Hauptmann Blitz was stopped by No-One :)

Unfortunately I forgot to take photo of the historical moment.....silly me..huhuhuhuhu

Well, next Friday the stakes will be higher, each team will have 900pts army & definitely no doubt in my mind that Hauptmann Blitz will hunt down No-One to get his revenge... hmmmmmmmm we'll see about that ;)

And as most of us known, the WH40K 6th ed. has released. Our club members wasted no time getting their hands on the new rulebook & play-test it. It was fun to see, although I'm still not familiar with the rules & stuffs yet. Oh well, just go with the flow then :)

Till next time.