Monday, November 19, 2012

1K Nids complete !!!

My final gaunts has been fully painted yesterday..and now I've officially have a 1K points of Nids!!! Wahahahaha!!!!

My 1K list so far:

Tervigon (Scything Talon, Catalyst)

2 x  Hive Guard

10 x Termagaunts
     Tervigon (Scything Talon, Toxic Sac, Onslaught, Catalyst)
10 x Termagaunts
     Tervigon (Scything Talon, Toxic Sac, Onslaught, Catalyst)

Trygon (Adrenal Gland)

So, this Friday will be my debut in WH40K games..need to study & understand the rules....hopefully I'll able to learn fast & expand my Hive Fleet. Next Target - 1500 points!! :)


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Iron Painter - MaGaCon, Publika Solaris

Hehehehe you read that right...I've participated in Iron Painter Challenge organised by our club Legio Malaysia for MaGaCon at Publika Solaris, Dutamas. The challenge started from 10am yesterday & end up 10am read it right This update is done at the venue after the event finished.

I've put myself through hell for this event. Although Jeff has advised how tough this event is, I never expect it will be that tough. After we've past the 12 hour mark....things went crazy. Everybody scrambled to finish their stuffs. Fortunately, 7 of us survived the night & were awarded with a certificate, proof of our accomplishment.

Starting condition

Complete painting
I feel satisfied of myself, since this is my first Iron Painter challenge & I had to paint all 30 Soviet Tankovy Batalon manually without any airburshing....hehehehe.

It was a extraordinary experience to be participating in this event with these guys. I can't thank enough to all who gave support & encouragement to each other to complete the challenge. Salute to Jeff for organizing this wonderful event, Khairul as he won the bragging right crowned with Purity Seal for Best Choice Army, Iqbal for accomplished 50pcs painted models, Joshua, Janice & Alvin for being awake the whole time painting their stuffs. You guys earned & deserved that title :)

Winner of Best Choice Army

The Iron Painter winner's painted army

Other's competing armies :-

The brethen of Painter has borned
So, I'm signing off..wanna get a good sleep after being awake for almost 30 hours straight (its almost 1pm now)..