Tuesday, May 26, 2020

MCO Activities Update - 06

Hi guys,

It is not late for me to wish all my Muslim friends Salam Eid Mubarak, and Happy Holidays to all of you. Wishing all of us are in good health and staying strong during the pandemic situation.

Another hobbying update during the lockdown.

Playing games

Played another game last night using the solo rules. This time it was 75 points with German (myself) vs Soviet (AI).

German List
Tiger I + Precise Commander + Clever Hans
Panther + Precise Loader

Soviet List
IS-2 + Superb Commander + No Retreat
SU-100 + Vasily Krysov

German List

Soviet List

Battle location & initial positioning
The game was fun. The first 2 turns was a chase game as both side manoeuvring around for cover. No shot was fired until turn 3, but only start made some damages on turn 4. The IS-2 went down on turn 6 after Tiger I & Panther made a pincer attack from front and rear side of the tank, and got Lucky Hit at the end. The SU-100 was destroyed after a few hits by Tiger I & Panther and received Engine Fire critical damage when left with 1 HP. It was destroyed immediately although passed the Repair Phase. Both Tiger I & Panther left banged up but alive.

Here's are some photo's of the game:

It’s a good game playing with the AI system. I will try another game using 100 points later. 

Clearing more backlog

As there are still more time before June, I went ahead and got working with another backlog set; the LBX's - Pandora & Nemesis.

So I've cleared yet another set of backlog kits. Now left with some odd kits & GW stuffs. Maybe need to find another time like this to get motivated to clear them.

Well then, see you guys later.
Stay safe :)

Saturday, May 16, 2020

MCO Activities Update - 05

Hi guys.

Just a quick update on hobbying activities during the lockdown.

Clearing more backlog

So this time around I managed to built my final Gundam backlogs.
These are Exia & Barbatos Lupus Rex.

Exia done

Barbatos Lupus Rex done
So now I have cleared another backlog pile. WOOOHOOOO!!!!! (for now of course)
Can start purchasing more ;)

I am left with some LBX's kits, odd kits and finally GW stuffs.
The GW stuffs will be the last ones to be tackled as it involves painting, and my paint stock have dried & depleted. Need to replenish back before start to paint anything.

FYI, the gov now have loosen up the MCO to Conditional MCO (CMCO) by allowing businesses & industries to start again, my Management have decided to start resuming operation back on 1st June.

As my leisure time now officially shortened, I just have to make due as much as I can.

Until next time.
Stay safe.

Monday, May 11, 2020

MCO Activities Update - 04

Hi guys.

Hope everyone still okay during this extended lockdown period.

More updates on my hobbying stuff:

Clearing more backlog

Since the last post until now, I've managed to built another 2 kits from my Gundam pile; GN-X and GN-X III ESF Type plamos. These are from Gundam OO Series.

1) GN-X

2) GN-X III ESF Type

Not much can be done in these last few days due to fasting month, time is quite limited. Nevertheless, the Gundam backlog pile now left with Exia & Barbatos Lupus Rex. Once I've built them, Gundam backlog pile is no more. Wahahahahaha!!!! Can start shopping again ;)

Later, there will be some LBX's, odd kits and GW stuffs need to be cleared.

The Federal government have announced another extension of the MCO into Conditional MCO, meaning some business can be re-open back. Hopefully I can clear the Gundam pile before my work start again.

Stay safe guys.
Until then.