Saturday, September 26, 2020

More games & table work

 Hi guys.

Back for another entry.

1) More games on board

Another batch of local games have arrived in past few weeks. I purchased two card games; Kuih-Muih cardgame which to my personal opinion its more like Sushi Go + card drafting, and Drama Pukul 7 cardgame which is a direct parody of Malaysian soap drama that always being televised at 7pm, hence the name.

Between both games we enjoyed playing Drama Pukul 7 more, as my wife delightfully scheming (which is a success) to dropped my HP & losing the game. (She's kept getting better at playing...ouch).

Anyway, I'll keep increasing my collection stash for her to play more (my excuse on buying more games hehehe).

2) Reworked on the gaming table

As I have bit extra time, I decided to spruced up my gaming table a bit by adding table legs. Initially the plan is to have the portable gaming table to be set up on another table, but as the dining table is usually occupied I came to that decision.

Materials used:

56 inch x 3 inch x 12mm thk repurposed pallet wood - 4 length

2 inch x 2 inch wood - 2 length

Self locking table leg foldable bracket - 4 pieces

Materials for the leg

Existing table

The plan is to add the pallet wood underneath the existing table for the additional leg support and adding the table leg. The table height is based on my IKEA Melltrop table so I can have a good clearance for leg area when sitting.

Below are the WIP photos:

Setting the support for the table leg

Support added

Cutting 2 inch wood for table leg

Sanding work

Spray painted the whole table

Attaching the brackets and legs

Close-up of the bracket

Table done...and being inspected by officer :)

Gaming table with leg folded

...and photos of the table being test played.

The table is sturdy enough to have game played on it as the pallet wood acted as additional support for the existing table from bowing at the center. However, the table is a bit wobbly due to the mechanism of the bracket. As long as the table is at one place and not being heavily push or leaned to, I think it is durable for the usage.

Another thing is due to the additional support & leg, the table now is significantly heavier compared to before. During the previous set-up, I can easily carry the table to anywhere without breaking a sweat. Now I can feel the weight during the movement. Well, that's the compromise for making a table to stand on its own.

While doing the table, I had to work under watchful eyes of these 'officers'.

So before all of you jump the gun and shoot me with all inappropriate words, let me clarify that THERE IS NO WAY THESE KIDS ASSIST ME IN THE WORK. They are merely do a pretend play during my preparation before the work commenced. ALL sharp objects, tools, nails, screws and anything that can injure my kids were properly kept out safely from their reach AND THEY ARE UNDER MY STRICT SUPERVISION when using my tools. I let them play for 10 minutes before locking them back inside the house before I started my work.

So yeah...let it end here.

Until next time.

Stay safe guys.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Boardgames & Cardgames

 Hi guys. painting work is temporary on hiatus due to several reasons, which all related to real life issues. Kinda super busy with the job right now, so I was unable to dedicate my time for the painting work.

However, the silver lining is that my boatload of boardgames / cardgames orders have arrived during these time, and me and wifey had a blast playing them.

Taco vs Burrito


Bears vs Babies

Unstable Unicorns

Dungeon Mayhem

Exploding Kitten

Deep Sea Adventure

Local game - Saidina

Local game - Nak Makan Apa

It is really pleasant to see and knows that my wife like and enjoying these games. A lot of the game I purchased are a quick play type, so we can played a few rounds before switching to other games. And steadily she won quite a few of them now.

During my purchase I noticed that there are games made locally. There are retro games such as Saidina (which mimic Monopoly) and the "new gen" games like Nak Makan Apa card games. The new gen games are more inclined to quick play types, which is my preference for now. I am still waiting for another batch of local games to arrive to play.

Another preference of mine now is to purchase family type game. I am starting to get my eldest son to get into the hobby / games as he grows up. Think it as a way to train his cognitive, decision making and problem solving....and for him to have fun as well.

The other two kids....well, when time comes.

Uninvited player displaying dissatisfaction

So to sum up, PLAY MORE GAMES!!!!!

See you next time.
Stay safe.