Saturday, March 20, 2021

Hobbies in March

 Hi guys.

Hope you all are in great condition.

Here in my place the situation is getting better. With RMCO in place, the Covid numbers is steadily decreasing, giving us much hope.

However, the battle is yet to end. Be vigilant, always keep clean, maintain your social distancing and wear mask outdoor. Keep safe.

So, I'm still kind of busy with the real life stuff. As my workplace have been relocated to new premise, we have our hands full to setting up production line, so not much free time as previously.

Nevertheless, this month I have received my purchase, that is a neoprene playmat & Takenoko boardgame. I've purchased the playmat for quite sometime before but due to the MCO restriction, the seller can only deliver to me in these past weeks. About the Takenoko, I won a bidding online for a BNIS defect set...which is pretty minor to me. I managed to get it at a cheaper price due to the defect.

So like any other tabletop gamer do, I immediately done a initiation ritual on the newly bought playmat (wink wink). I set up a 50points TANK game for me, my wife and son to play. The battle was in a forest fought between US (wifey), Soviet (son) and German (me). Just a casual game between family members (another wink wink). I won after being assaulted left right by the wife & son. German won!!!

The neoprene playmat is awesome to have. Not only it eliminate the tumbling sound when the dice rolled on the table, the surface is soft and nice contrast to the hard wood texture of the table body. It also make the table 'pop' more and feels expensive. Worth every penny spent on the purchase. I'm looking forward to play more using the playmat.

Bonus photos: 2 of my kids spending time playing with dice and Marvel United minis while their parent and older brother kicks butt.

That's all for now.

Until then.

Stay safe everyone.

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