Saturday, February 27, 2021

More boardgames in Feb

 Hi guys.

Hope all of you are feeling healthy.

Here the MCO is starting to start being loosen up. My place are currently under CMCO while others are in RMCO or still MCO. Either way, things are looking good right now. Infection rate in going down, and vaccine have reached our country.

So, although it is getting better right now, please keep maintaining physical distance, wear mask, use hand sanitiser, and always keep clean.

Anyway, this will be a short update. My company is in the midst of setting up in a new location and things are really busy. My hectic schedule have prevented me from playing games, hence I only able to buy games (pity me).

This time I acquired Zombicide 3, Marvel United, Fruit Spy and Dice masters (X-Men vs Avengers). All of these are preloved items and I'm loving it. Spare cash in hand = more games to buy hehehehe

Soooo many games, but no time to play (sad face huhuhuhuhu)

Well, for now I'll just collect all the games I want first. Once the work settled down, me got more play time!!!!!!!

So until then.

Stay safe.

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