Thursday, June 24, 2021

Hobbying in June

 Hi Guys.

Hope all of you are healthy.

The Covid cases in my area now is going rampant again. Numbers are fluctuating everyday, and we are still under FMCO. Please please please stay healthy, wear masks, use hand sanitizer, keep maintaining physical distancing throughout the period.

1) Making DIY Spraying Booth

This month I spent my time making myself a portable spray booth. As I'm living in a terrace housing area, I do not have much space to do work outside, especially spraying as the fumes will spread everywhere. And also I am much depends on the weather to cure the spray. So I made one.

Forgot to take the final photo of the spray booth ­čśô

2) Playing boardgame

Early this month I managed to acquire a second hand boardgame Potion Explosion. I have being eyeing this boardgame for quite some tiem and finally able to get it. The play game is simple yet exciting. The best thing is this boardgame can be played with kids.

3) Painting Minis

As I have made myself a spray booth, I decided to paint the Warhammer Underworlds minis. I started with the Drepur's Wraithcreepers warband.

After this will continue with the Stormcast warband.

That's all for now.

Stay safe guys.

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