Friday, April 6, 2012

Update : Tyranids - Delayed Progress

The title said it all..this recent phase to completing 2nd Tervigon had stretched for almost 2 weeks due to alot of unexpected factors..and I'm not proud at all huhuhu. It's waaayyyyy past my schedule & now the clock is ticking much faster as Bagration Campaign is near...

Anyway, here's the outcome of the delay. I've applied Dann's advise to put more depth impression at the birthsac area & done multiple 'organic' wash layer at the exposed flesh across the body. Like the previous one, this Momma's birthsac also will be having the gore effect later down the line.

Next update will be either 40K or FoW stuffs :)


  1. Wow, you're halfway done towards your K3 army already. Very well done!

  2. Wow...two of those monsters....ouch..that's gonna hurt when facing across the table :(

    Nicely done bro. Am really looking forward to seeing your army progress to the 1750 mark. Can't say this enough...i love those spot effects :)

  3. keep at it man, those beasts are gonna look lovely once completed :D

  4. Thanks :D
    Even I myself is craving to see this fleet in action hehe
    Need to speed up the gear now, right guys?

    @Vuel - there's still a 3rd Tervigon to complete before I'm able to reach the halfway mark ;)