Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bagration Update: SU-122 Tanks

As mentioned in previous post, I'm preparing a Soviet Army for Flames of War: Bagration Campaign which will be held by Club Legio Malaysia on mid-May. So, my list will be 8th Independent Penal Battalion mostly consist of defeatists which been sent to repent their sins on Motherland.

This week I've just finished 4 units of SU-122 tanks c/w SMG Tank Escorts as Corps Support Companies .

Next update will be on "Little Kathy" :)


  1. Nice work, it's quite hard to get some contrast to the SU-Tanks. Maybe you could try to get some dirt on the Tanks, so they don't look like they'd just rolled out of the factory.


    PS: Added you to my blogroll

    1. Hi Thomas, welcome to my blog! :)
      I've applied few layers of different washes to imitates the light mud & dust.
      Maybe I should apply pigment instead. Thanks for your advise :)

    2. Thanks for the nice welcome. :-)

      Pleas share your experiences when you do something with pigments, especially how to get them fixed to the model so that the stuff doesn't come off when playing.

      I rather stick to the simple drybrushing as to be seen in this video :

    3. Well, I guess I could try this method instead..looks pretty easy & nice. Thanks for the link

  2. Good progress bro. How many percentage are you with completing your army for bagration?