Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bagration Update : Katyusha Rocket Mortar Battery

This week update is "Little Kathy"...or Kathies they are hehehe. I've manage to complete 8 units Soviet Katyusha BM-13 for our upcoming campaign. In the game, mine will be considered 2 units for each bases as I've assembled them with 5 in total I have a 16 unit rocket battery to stop my enemy, & that's mean I'll be using the 1Ft battery template Muahahahahahaha!!!! Unfortunately, I'm only able to deploy all of them in  2,000 points game...which still remain to be seen. Hopefully the German team do have a 2,000 points player...I'm itching to get my Kathies to show their wrath hehehe

For my battalion, my only vehicles are these & SU-122 Tanks. So after this I'll concentrate more on completing my Shtraf companies.

Till the next update.


  1. 1 foot battery template? OUCH!!!

    Well, I have a 2500pts army consisting of only Panthers and Tigers. Luckily, the Tigers are going to be used as Firestorm troops ;p

  2. Well done bro!! You're really cranking out those ruskies :)

    1 foot template?? Double ouch!!!

    Herr Iqbal, ve must vind ze way to outflank und assault thoze rockets on ze first turn!! Instruct our scientists that zhey must complete ze V2 rockets and light, medium and heavy walkers immediately!!!

  3. Thanks guys...I'll take it as a compliment hehe

    @Khairul - Walkers? I'll need to check with my engineer if they are able to make our walkers into production line...hopefully