Saturday, March 24, 2012

Update : Tyranids - Progress

I've done quite a progress after the last update. I've managed to complete my second Hive Guard on Thursday night & started on my second Tervigon yesterday...wooohoooo!!!!

I brought them to our hobby night for other members to see them, & I've received alot of positive feedback on how to improve their appearance. One of it is our member Dan advised & showed me how to make depth impression on the models. I knew something was not quite right with my models earlier & thanks to him, I've figured out the issue. So, once the second Big Momma completed, I should able to have the right depth appreance on my army.
Below are some pictures taken on the gaming table :)

Next update wil be after the Tervigon completion.
Cheers :)


  1. Niceeee :)

    Well done bro!!
    I'd add some washes to the exo-skeleton. Be brave with the GW washes. Thin them down a bit at until you get a hue you're happy with. Nids after all can be a bit dirty ;)

    Love the spots man!!

  2. Okay..I am considering on washing them as well. Thanks for the advise. :)

  3. Yo my man! Good to see you took my advice to heart!
    I'm looking forward to seeing this army totally completed!