Thursday, April 12, 2012

Update : Tyranids - Progress During Holiday

Yesterday may be one of the productive day for me...finally I'm able to complete my Trygon in a single day Wahahahaha!!!!
This Trygon was my 1st Nids...yet only recently I've the motivation to finish it.

Photo's of my fleet..I've bought a cheap boardframe which I planned to convert it into a display board for the will be my future project though..hehe

And furthermore, I'm able to basecoated my Soviet tanks SU-122 & painted the soldiers' flesh, preparing for next month Bagration Campaign..hehehe. So, in these few weeks I'll be focusing more on FoW stuffs & try to squeeze in some Nids for the painting work.

Cheers :)


  1. Very nice models there bro!!! And to think you only got into the hobby recently. Rock star!!!

    And you even started on your sovs....inspiring. Now need to get my hobby juices back up. No more excuses hehe

    Well done again bro!!

  2. Thanks!
    All of the club members has gave me inspirations (one way or another) :) so I should contribute my effort to the club as well rite?
    All the best for us to complete our lists for Bagration. Chayok Chayok!!

  3. nice trygon you got there!
    and great idea on a display board, I should make one too :)