Monday, January 23, 2012

Achievement Medals

As a request by Khairul (maybe others as well), here's are the medals I've made. I got the inspiration to do the medals after Jeff mentioning it the other days, so I just try it out. I'm not that familiar using Adobe Photoshop & other design softwares, so the design are somewhat plain. Maybe if I can get someone with the skill who able to design them better, it may come handy somedays :)

The first badge is Flames of War Newbie Gamer. This badge is created as a reward for a complete beginner (as myself) who able to fullfill these criterias:
1. Built a playable army list (1k pts minimum to 2k pts max)
2. Paint the whole army in the list (at least fullfill the minimum requirement tabletop gaming standard - base colored, undercoated, minimum 2 color painted, better if able to fully complete them with details & decals)
3. Play a game using the army list (whether you win or not)

The next medal is the Operation Market Garden Campaign Medal. This medal is a token to indicate that the player has participated & played the campaign (minimum played halfway through the campaign). I tried to find a nice picture showing the iconic bridge of Arnhem & parachutes in the background, but I couldn't find it. So, in the end I just picked a parachute picture for the medal, symbolic for the major involvement of paratroopers in the historical campaign.

As you can see, the pictures used in these medal & badge are familiar, so I wouldn't take credit for any of it. The copyrights of these pictures are solely at their respective owners & I just used it for personal interest (for the club members as well, but not for public distribution). I welcome any comments & critiques for improvements. Hopefully by next campaign, I'm able to make a nice medal for it :)



  1. Great idea man!! We should really discuss this during ths week hobby nite. I would love to get those two badges :)

    Do i qualify for the newbie badge hehe