Friday, January 13, 2012


Last year somewhere late October, Jeff told me & Pura, "We will be playing Market Garden Campaign & you guys will be joining me as Germans.". So we thought "Okay..its our first time playing, but yeah..we're in." That time me & Pura fought to get Fallshirmjagerkompanie (coz they're bad-ass), & he won through dice duel :( Heartbroken, I felt depressed. After awhile...I stumbled on it. I took a look at it, it captured my heart :) & immediately make it under my command.
So, after 2 months of recruitment & tortures training, the boys are ready to defend Fatherland.

During Transport to position
Reached target deployment zone
Panzergrenadierkompanie deployed
Panzergrenadier Command HQ with Panzerfaust, Anti Tank team & sniper team
1st Panzergrenadier 3 squads Platoon with Panzerfaust

2nd Panzergrenadier 3 squads Platoon with Panzerfaust
Panzergrenadier Mortar 2 Squad Platoon

Armoured Artillery Battery Platoon (4 Wespe with Hummel gun)

Panzergrenadier Anti Aircraft Sd Kfz 10/5 Platoon
Panzergrenadier Anti Tank Pak40 Platoon

Armoured Rocket Launcher Battery Platoon Panzerwerfer 42 with Pak40 gun
Heavy Anti Aircraft Gun Platoon 8.8 Flak36 gun
 And Finally,

Panzer IV H Platoon
Close up on the tank commander

With this company, we are ready for the Market Garden Campaign arranged by Legio. We've fought for 3 turns already & until now, Germans still able to suppress Allies advancement athough we do suffer serious damage. But, we will prevail :)

This Friday will be turn 4, so we will see how the outcome.
Signing out :)


  1. Nice convoy pic of your army there bro!!! :)

    And super well done on getting your first ever miniatures army all painted up to tabletop standard. Kudos. Believe me...its no small feat ;)

    How many points do u have in the group pic? Looks more than 1500 methinks.

    Very good start for a first timer. Paintjob is crisp and good!!

  2. Hey, you've started a blog too. For a person who's new to wargaming miniatures, your painting is very very nice.

    And the fact that your army is fully painted, that's even better than some 'veteran' players I know (to a certain extent that includes me too, hahaha).

    keep up the good work!

  3. Nice work dude. Fantastic first army and great pictorial. The army looks good, and not just for a beginner. It looks good PERIOD. You didn't go for an low model count army, and got it done freakishly fast to boot. Looking forward to seeing future progress with your armies and this blog!

  4. Thanks. I've received a whole lot of guidance from you guys & after finished painting, they really look nice. It will be even better if I'm able to fully complete all the detailing, decals & washes for this army.
    I'm definitely eager to do better job on the next FoW project.

    @Khairul - they're roughly 2,000pts army :)