Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Warhammer 40K : Tyranids

Alas....after reading through the forbidden codex, the Hive Mind has influenced my rational consciousness & turned me into a Synapse Creature. The first instinct received to this mind was to build a fleet & run amok against all 40K races. Muahahahahahaha!!!!!!

So, last weekend I went to visit Alvin's place: The Hobby Forge in Cova Square at Kota Damansara & it was a pleasant visit. Not only the shop is decent, a lot of players come in to brush up skills & exchanging info. A lot of merchandise selection there as well, you can find almost everything related to 40K & miniatures stuffs. I highly recommend any enthusiast to drop by there.

As for me, I bought a Tyranid Trygon. Its my 1st official fleet member YEAAA!!!!!

So, I’ll be taking my sweet time to indulge myself to complete this monster..can’t wait to see how it turns out after complete painting hehehehe

My colour scheme for nids will be pretty much simple; ivory / bone colour for skin, blue carapace, red claws, flesh colour for internal & flesh, & maybe some highlights here and there. Couldn’t made up my mind yet for the final scheme, but will let you guys know once I finished my test pieces.


  1. That is very nice choice for your first buy bro :)

    It is a very nice model. I esp like the mawloc version. Can't wait to see your hive color scheme..

  2. Trygon as your first model, nice!!..can't go wrong with a box of Trygon or Genestealers as your first Nid models :)
    the head and hip joint is a bit tricky to assemble, so don't forget to have a look at the assembly guide, ok ;)
    have fun :)

  3. Welcome to the swarm, KF. ;) You can certainly do worse than a trygon for your first 'nid. Hope to see some pics when you're finished with him.

  4. Thanks guys!! I'm also really looking forward for it as well. Will definitely post for you guys to see once I've completed the painting work. :)

  5. Nice! Great choice for a first model- looking forward to seeing this done