Saturday, January 7, 2012


Finally, after alot of thoughtfull thinking, persuasion from my gurus, support from colleagues, & enlightenment from the divine reading (just kidding), I have my first blog. YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!
This blog will be dedicated for my hobbies, particularly wargaming miniatures,card games, pc games & other related stuffs. Anyway, pardon me if some of the posts (in future) may not interest you the fellow readers :)
Beforehand, I would like to thanks my miniatures gurus (Jeff & Khairul), colleague Pura on your guidance & support on my miniature hobby (Flames of War & Warhammer 40K). You guys are awesome :)
In the next post, I'll be revealling my FoW army list for Market Garden Campaign. So for now, enjoy my Ultramarine figure. Its my first 40K painted miniature.


  1. Congrats on starting yr blog and 1st post!!!
    And thanks for the mention bro ;)

    Nice marine u have there. Will we see more?

  2. Nice! Good on you starting your blog. You've got your second follower dude

  3. Thanks guys. Can't do it without all your supports & guidances :)

  4. Congratulations on the initiation of your blog.
    Hope to see more from you.