Sunday, January 22, 2012

Campaign Completed

After gruelling 6 weeks of intense attacks & counter-attacks, Market Garden Campaign finally over.

Axis able to defend their territories although the Allies had advanced accross half the map. We fought & we prevailed.

I'm really enjoyed & satisfied playing this campaign; since its the first time I involved completely for the game from preparing army list, painting them, threw them in hell & fortunately they survived :) I've received alot of guidance, tips & encouragement from all the players on how to play the battle properly & correctly. Thousand applauses to you guys!

As a summary, I listed out some of the main points need to be taken for all newbies when start playing miniature game (it serve as reminder for me as well):

1. Get to know your army
The first mistake I made when started playing was not fully understand the composition of the army list in the book. I generally took an army which I found interesting & didn't give much thought of a proper strategy to be use. Infantry company will always be an infantry company. I should have allocated more points for the infantry attacks rather than trying to cover all angles of attack. Infantry are at best when you gather them all in their most maximum number. Almost all players in the campaign agreed that my infantry platoons are small, which proven to be wiped out easily by turn 3. If I concentrate more firepower at the combat platoon, MGs & mortars, maybe the outcome will be slightly different.

2. REALLY get to know your army
This is really a reminder for myself. READ THROUGH THE LIST PROPERLY. I made the list & arranged them in battlefield without even consider their attacking range, firepower, & sometime doesn't even have a clue on how to use them. This lack of knowledge really cost me dearly in every single game I played. So next time when building a miniature army, please get to know the details of every single team I'll be including in.

3. Options are not shopping spree.
Greed took over when I read through the book while preparing the army list. I was very delighted to see alot of option range I'm able to include in my army that in the end, most of them didn't even made it to the game. One major example are the sniper team for my Command HQ. I spent 150pts for 3 sniper teams that I didn't use throughout the campaign. Silly me.

4. Do not take words literally
Another silly mistake I made for the list was I literally took every single wording in the book while building the army. For my Armoured Artillery Battery Platoon, there is an option to change Wespe vehicle to Hummel vehicle. And I took the meaning of the wording was "to change the gun barrel of a Wespe into a Hummel gun". And the best thing is, I only realised it when Jeff & Khairul mentioned it to me.

Well, there's all about it. The campaign was a big success for me & hopely for all the players as well. Operation Market Garden Campaign will always be a special event for me as this was the beginning point of my miniature gaming life; the first playable army list, a fully painted company complied tabtetop gaming standard & the first complete campaign played till the very end. As a reward for myself & to make it more memorial, I've made myself a FoW Newbie Gamer Badge & A Market Garden medal :) (medals & badges are only for personal usage only, copyrights reserved to their respective owners).

So, to all the player of Operation Market Garden Campaign, whether Axis or Allies, Panzergrenadierkompanie salute to all your patience & co-operation in making this campaign a success. Kudos!!!!


  1. My salute to you herr Shukor. You fought bravely. Completed painting your army and completed your first campaign.

    May i please see the medals :)
    That's a good idea actually.
    And if you don't mind i'd like a market garden medal hehehe

  2. Cool medals. You missed one more though: Campaign Winner. Just for the sake of bragging rights, hahaha :D

    Congratulations on all your achievements. All of the points that you've mentioned are similarly applied to all miniature wargaming, so remember what you've written when you delve into WH40K/WFB.

    So next week, let's discuss about your Tyranids. I'll tell you everything that I've been taught by Dann, the Malaysian Hive Mind ;)

  3. Cheers to all of you as well. I won't be able to survive the campaign without all the encouragement. I'm really looking forward for another epic battle in Bagration. :)

    @Khairul - i'll post the medals for you & the guys to see. But the designs are just plain & simple. Hope you don't mind.

  4. Nicely done! We'll have to figure something out for the medals!