Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Update : Tyranids - Tervigon WIP

After almost a week of struggle, my Tervigon is complete...well, almost :)

As you guys can see, that's how it look like after painted & based. I just need to do some minor touch-ups, & I'm thinking of applying blood effect at the birth sac. My idea is the blood color will be green, mainly to match up Necron internal glow (the translucent green) which my partner will be painting for his list.

During my search on the net, I've found this cool forum The Tyranid Hive, which made specially for Nids player hehehehe. Good info found & the forum also pretty active & entertaining. This will be one of my good resources for future experience.

Back to the topic, I found this link in the forum which explaining the steps of making blood stain, which I hope I'm able to replicate it for my Tervigons. Wish me luck, this will be my first attempt to make blood stain hehe

Apart from that, the next plan will be painting another Hive Guard before getting back to the second Tervigon, switch to dozen termagants before completing the final Momma.

So, till the next update.
Cheers :)


  1. Looking good bro :)!

    I love how the spots seem to glow. Nice effect there. Please bring to this week's hobby night so we can have a closer look :)

    Your hobby skills have improved exponentionlly bro. Well done indeed!!!

  2. It's all thanks to you guys, I've learned alot from our weekly discussion & seeing the awesome miniatures you guys painted. :)

    It's not completely done yet, still need the gore effect at the birth sac..but definitely will be showing up in hobby night for comments & critics :)

  3. Nice work- you've made huge strides