Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Progress in Absence

It's been a month since my last post...huhuhu time really fly when you have alot of stuffs to keep up with. So, progress updates within the time we go:

Mid Feb.:
- Start collecting Flames of War Soviet 8th Independent Penal Battalion which will be going for war in Bagration Campaign by mid May.
- Painted mock sample for Soviet Tank. Trying to see the color scheme if it's okay or not.

End Feb.:
- Completing mock sample a.k.a. 1st diorama attempt of Tyranids. Quite proud of it as it turned out to be as I imagined ;)

- Bought WH40K Tyranid Hive Guard (x2) to get ready for Kindred Tournament on end June. Start priming & do basing along with the Trygon bought earlier.

Early March till to date:
- Got myself two new housemates (?). Quite actively distracting me to get my attention & affection, while deterring me from completing my hobby works.

- Successfully convert my storage room into my hobby den (finally...YEAAAAA!!!!) Its not a big space but decent enough to have a dedicated place to pile up my works without trashing up the whole living room ;)

- Received the new Tervigon (x3) OOOOYYYEEEEAAAAGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

- Completed color scheme for my Hive Fleet. Muahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

That's all for now. I'll update more once all the Big Momma's done priming & based.


  1. Dude, three things:
    1. Your Tyranid colour scheme is awesome!
    2. The carapace design is astonishing!
    3. The diorama, definitely caught my attention.
    In one word, KUDOS!

    On a side note, Goh is also making a diorama, maybe a Diorama category for Golden Kris?..gotta discuss this with the others..

  2. You've been busy bro!!!!

    Did u really get 2 gotta lay off those acrylics fume homes...those 2 are really gonna screw yr hobby time hehe.Normal cats or something exotic?

    Nice hobby space..bigger that mine i think. Congrats on that. Always nice to have a space to sit down to andjust do some hobby chillaxing :)

    Love the dots on the carapace. Brings out the model :)

  3. Thanks guys.

    @Vuel - I got the idea for the carapace scheme after our discussion last few weeks & after digging in the Net.

    We have Diorama Category? You've just made my life better ;)

    @khairul - Those 2 kitties are just normal cats, found them abandoned near my house..doesn't have the heart to leave them, so I took them in.

    If based from the table size, yours much bigger than mine. I thought of buying the same table, but it'll definitely consume more space in the room.

  4. Nice job and nice hobby space! We'll make a 'Ard Boy out of you yet!!

  5. Blue nids? So what you call them? Ultranids

    1. Utlranids? That's a cool name...coincidently I am in the midst of getting a suitable fleet name..and now you've solved my problem. Thanks :)

    2. Hive Fleet are usually named after mythical creatures..might I suggest Seiryuu, which means blue dragon in Japanese..

  6. seiryuu.. sounds like seiyuu which mean voice actors in japanese.