Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January Update

Well....nothing much happens, except been frantically assembling & painting my 1st troop of Black Templars for Legio Malaysia Throwdown....which held last week. Initially the plan was to have 5 Initiates & 3 Neophytes, but in the end I only managed to complete the Initiates :(.

However, they turned out quite well & I even managed to prepared a display base for the troops, thanks to endless persuasion by Khairul & Rizal. So, below is my entry in the 1st round of the Throwdown. The pictures were taken at my home though, need good lighting & tripod to take the pictures.

 In the Throwdown, there were a lot of awesome entries presented that day. Too bad I don't have the skill to take good photo's :(
Anyway, here's some of the entries that night.

So, in 2 weeks time we need to present the 2nd Troops for the Throwdown. I aim to send in another 5 Initiates & 2 Neophytes this time. Wish me luck :)



  1. Those templars look nice. We are definitely gonna call up some orks players and together with Rizal have a mighty Rynn's world apoc battle!!

  2. Thanks!!
    I'm looking forward for the next round. :)

    @Khairul - Yup! I don't mind at all for an apoc game later with you guys.

  3. Congratulations on your first marine squad dude!