Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Updates and New Army

Before anything else, let me show you this...

First model painted in 2013 !!!!!
Yup, 1st model painted in the 'post'-apocalypse year hehehehehe. Just to test my color scheme on this bug as they are my first flying unit (or jump unit) in my list & I just want to see if the color scheme won't be affected by the wing membrane...and I felt satisfied with it. So, need to complete my gaunts before proceed with the gargoyles.

On the other hand...my hive fleet expansion MAY have to be delayed a bit. Our club have listed out their yearly plan for this year and good Lord, all the events arranged will be awesome :). Starting this month until May will be 40K Legio Army Throwdown....and I'll be joining as Black Templars Space Marine..OOooyyeeaaahhhh!!!! I do have plan for 2nd army & do want a SM army to fight the bugs, although initial plan that army will start at least middle of the year. But, since the plans have been laid out & so interesting to be missed, by next week I'll need to prepare a complete 1st troop. The aim will be 2k points  army by May 2013.

More update to come :)


  1. The wing membranes looks nice. Was that washed or blending? Mad props to you man!! You've come a long way. A few more months of this and you'll have a nice golden demon on your table in no time ;)

    1. Who wants a Golden Demon? You mean GOLDEN KRIS ooohhhh yeah!!!!

  2. Thank guys!
    Unfortunately the effect you saw on the wing membrane is just light reflection :(
    Too bad my painting skill hasn't reach that level yet, if not that will be awesome.
    Anyhow, that cam be my inspiration for Golden Kris this year ;)