Monday, February 4, 2013

Throwdown - Troops Pt.2

Last Friday was the 2nd Throwdown & the category was 2nd troops. So, this time I've managed to complete 8 strong men (Astrates, I mean....including 3 Neophytes) for that day.

Like previous entry, there were a lot of good looking painted miniatures presented on that day. Below some of the entries I've managed to take picture of.

Next 2 week the category for the Throwdown will be Elite. I'm planning to send 5 terminators & hopefully a Dreadnought (or Venerable...not sure yet) once I manage to get one hehehehe



  1. Dude! I just noticed that you painted eyes on the Neophytes, AWESOME!
    I didn't catch that minor detail during voting.

    I love the poses that you do for your models, they looked really dynamic.

  2. Congrats on getting your second troop choice done for the throwdown bro :) You've really come a long way since starting the hobby.

    Nice poses.

  3. Ditto what these guys have said- you're a beast!

  4. That's a really happening army taking shape. Can't wait to see more.

  5. Thank guys!!!

    I learned few stuffs from observing your painted miniatures & from internet & try to apply them into my models whenever applicable. There are a lot more improvement need to be done & learn though, especially in gs sculpting....mine were very poorly done huhuhu.

    @Vuel - I've painted eyes on all models without helmet hehehe. It was really pain to paint the eyes but it worth all the effort. ;)

  6. Well done, bro...keep up the good work.