Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kill Team

Huhuhu....time does fly so fast,eh.....I've just realized that few months have past after my last entry huhuhuhuhuhu. Well, a lot of things happened in short period of, had to sacrificed my blogging session for a while.

Anyway, I've settled down & luckily enough my newly wed 'Home Minister' have given me her approval to spare some slot in my new life schedule as a husband for my hobby time. YYEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! :)

So, currently Legio Malaysia is conducting a Kill Team Campaign & I'm participating as Black Templars. And of course I've prepared my models specifically for this game. ;)

Black Templars Kill Team - Templar's Knight
Brother Rouen
Brother Felix
Brother Cornelio
Brother Marcus
Brother Ocano
Brother Nolan

Brother Maxwell

The campaign have started last week for mission #1 & #2.....unfortunately I forgot to take some photos of the game :(

This week we will be playing mission #3 & I'll make an update about it later. The game system is simple since you are playing a small group of army trying to capture objective of the mission. Once mission is complete, you'll be rewarded with points for you to purchase armory or recruit more member for the team. Its a fun game to play for a noob like me hehehehe

Till then.


  1. Nice! Love the bases.

    Glad to hear your 'Home Minister' allows this LOL

  2. Nicely done. Looking forward to meeting them in action.

    And show her who's the boss yo!!! ;)

  3. Really cool work dude! Awesome!