Friday, June 28, 2013

Kill Team - Pt. 2

Last week, we had a wonderful time playing the fourth mission. As I missed the previous mission, to my delight Mark have integrated mission #3 into this mission as well. So, we have few objectives to complete. Faizal, who had played the previous mission, quickly sent his Space Wolves KT to acquire mission #4 objective. Me on the other hand, went to rescue my KT member as per mission #3. Then, all hell break loose hehehehehe. It was an intense fight between me, Faizal & Subhan as the objectives. The game which should be a run-and-hide game had turned into bloody massacre. Subhan made the night by clearing almost of Faizal & my KT before being defeated.

After completed the game that night, I have collected some more points. So, I recruited one more member for my Black Templars Kill Team. This time I have one more AP2 weapon to use (reached the max qouta limit) hehehehe. 

Hopefully he is not so fragile in today's mission ;)

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