Sunday, October 28, 2012

Case Yellow Final Turn & More Bugs.....

Yep...the title says it all. We've come to the final turn in our Case Yellow Campaign, which was suprisingly come down to a brawl just between me & Iqbal to decide our victory. And as expected, he has more battle experience than, the Axis have won this campaign.

I really enjoyed in participating this campaign although I didn't contribute enough to secure our team victory. Alot of mistakes were done during the battles, but least I 've learned more out of it ;)

So, this is the final FoW campaign for year 2012 & I'm really looking forward for more campaign next year :D

Coming to my WH40K progress...I've painted 10 termies & just left with another 10 termies to complete my list. Hopefully I can get it done fast...I'm itching to learn & play 40K games with them wahahahaha!!!!

Although...the completion of my Hive Fleet will only come after the 1st week of November, because I'll be participating in Iron Painter organised by our club Legio Malaysia on the 3rd & 4th Nov..hehehe so I guess the bugs invasion has to be postponed for a while then hehehehe


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  1. Looking forward to this weekend's Iron Painter as well- see you there