Monday, September 24, 2012

French Combat Company - Turn 2 & other stuff :)

Finally managed to get some time to blog.... Ok, for our Case Yellow Campaign, things doesn't turn out quite well for my army. Engaged with German FJ's swooping down with their gliders directly on top of the defending platoons, mine doesn't have good chance surviving the assaults. By turn 6 of the game I've lost as Khairul managed to secure one of the objectives....huhuhu

Gliders landed on top of objective & defending platoon

Same situation on the other end

Defending platoon destroyed by the German suprise assault

Again...same fate at the other end...huhuhu

Due to that, my enraged comrades fought their battles & won, securing France from the upcoming invasion...On Turn 3, the Allies has better chance to gain overall victory in this campaign as long we win against Axis team this time, though I'm unable to contribute in the next Turn 3 & 4 :(
Nevermind that, I'll still have my chances on the final 2 turns hehehe

On the other hand, I've been filling my extra time at home painting my 3rd Tervigon....still in WIP by the way. Hopefully I'll get the momentum & continue to expand my Hive Fleet, still have more goodies in line to paint :)

WIP Tervi

Hive Fleet Seiryuu creatures....& still expanding
That's all for now.


  1. Bro, you need to get those nids done and get a game in asap :)
    At least to learn the basic rules.

  2. Yup...thats the plan. If everythings goes well, my Hive Fleet will make its first rampage by early Nov..hehehehe

  3. Sweet! My Avenging Sons would love a game :)