Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bagration Update : Firestorm Platoon

So, the final task in preparing myself for the anticipated Bagration Campaign is to complete Firestorm Platoon assigned to me a while ago. Each player in this campaign will prepare some of the Firestorm Platoon according to their country. These platoons will play their role as additional support for the player's army to fight in decisive battles.

My task is to complete 2 teams of SU-76M consist of 5 tanks each & 1 strong team of T-34/76 tanks...and it's done!! :D

10 unit of SU-76M tank (2 platoons)

5 unit of T-34/76 Tank (1 platoon)

And to compliment myself for completing a full army company & Firestorm Platoon, I've painted 2 mission objectives which I'll be using for this campaign..yeah!!! :)

Till the next update.


  1. Great works dude! Love the weathering

  2. Indeed, they look great!

    The dirt is giving them the needed contrast.

    Keep it up!