Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bagration Update : 2K pts Company Complete :)

As the title says...I've officially completed my Soviet 8th Independent Penal Battalion... OOOOYYYEEEAAAHHHH!!!!!

The final teams I painted were:
Sapper Platoon

Anti Tank Rifle Platoon - 14.5mm AT Rifle

Mortar Company - 82-BM-41 Mortar

HMG Company - Maksim HMG

So, my final standing are:

HQ - 240pts
Battalion HQ  
    + Anti Tank Platoon      
    + Anti Tank Rifle Platoon
    + Sapper Platoon

Combat - 860pts
1st Shtraf Company (3 Platoons with Leytenant A V Pyl'cyn & Rita)
2nd Shtraf Company (3 Platoons)

Weapon - 305pts
Shtraf Machine Gun Company (2 Platoons)
Shtraf Mortar Company (2 Platoons)
    + Observer Rifle Team

Corps Support - 565pts
4 units SU-122 Tanks
    + SMG Tank Escorts
8 units BM-13-16 Katyusha Rocket Launchers
    + Modeled with 5 crews to count as 2 weapons per unit
    + Add 2units 37mm obr 1939 Anti-Aircraft team

TOTAL PTS: 1970pts

Now I'm ready for the Bagration Campaign hehehehe :)

The next update will be on the Firestorm units.


  1. Great job! That is a might hobby feat indeed

  2. I hate you!!!

    hahahah just kidding bro :) Well done on completing your army ahead of time. And they look sweet too.

    Us slackers need to get a lesson from you.

  3. Thanks guys!
    And here I thought I'm the slowest painter from all of us. Thought that you guys & Pura had complete painting your army & only left with Firestorm troops made me cranking up all nights to get these guys done.
    ....a good motivation though :)

    1. Bloody Hell, outnumbered is an understatement.
      Awesome job!

      By the way, the slowest painter would most probably be me. Still have a whole Firestorm artillery platoon for assembly and paint.