Monday, November 18, 2013

Land Raider Crusader

Finally my BT have their own vehicle :)
This is my second attempt to finish the LR Crusader. The first attempt was during Legio Malaysia 40K Army Throwdown....and it didn't work out.

Now, since I have all the time I need to sit down and take it out forever from the shameful WIP pile, it is finally completed.


Next attempt will be gargoyles since the rumours of incoming new Tyranids codex, I'm getting all my gargoyles and gaunts ready for the kill hehehehe

Till next time,


  1. Nice! How close are you to getting a Black Templar army on the table?

  2. Congrats on finishing your first LR man! Looks good. Love the writings on the parchments and rear engine :)

  3. Thanks guys. :)
    @deathkorps - I should have around 1k-ish army right now. Need to check back with the codex.