Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Throwdown Pt.4 - HQ

This time the Throwdown category was the HQ slot. I was planning & was really lucky to be able to complete the HQ complete with the Command Squad. Yaaaayyyyyy!!!!! :)

  Converted Emperor's Champion

Converted Chaplain

Black Templars Marshall

 Black Templars Standard Bearer & Chapter Banner

Black Templar Command Squad Sergeant

Black Templars Company Fighting Champion

Black Templars Command Squad Initiates

It was madness...I really struggled to complete them & even almost give up at one time...but the reward pays off. Mine was voted as 2nd place in the week entries, although shared the seat with 2 more guys...but it worth the painful effort to paint them. Thanks for the vote guys ;)

The entries of the night..all of them are amazingly beautiful, even for a single character.


Next slot will be Heavy Support...& I'll be doing just a Land Raider Crusader for this entry ;)



  1. Lovely work- looks like there will be at least 3 Land Raiders entered for the Heavy Support throwdown... :)

  2. The banner is really nice dude!

  3. Thank guys.
    It worth all the trouble & patient to get them done in time.

    @Deathkorps - Most probably 4 Land Raiders, Rizal also planning to get one for the next throwdown.

    @Vuel - Thanks. It was really hard to do free-hand painting for the banner. I got the inspiration to do one after I saw Goh's Night Lord banner. Luckily mine turned out okay :)

  4. Well done bro!! You have done sigismund proud :)