Monday, August 27, 2012

Ooooyyyeeeaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!'s feel sooo good to be back again :D Wahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
I never thought fasting month will be this hectic for me. My hobby schedule was all messed up during this fasting month, & it's suprised me...huhuhuhu
Anyway, I didn't slacked off & managed to do some itsy bitsy hobby stuffs during the period........

I've almost complete with my army for our Case Yellow Campaign, organised by our club Legio which will be starting by next week. I'll be playing as French Compagnie de Combat hehhehehehehe

I've also managed to do a small diorama, just to get back into the WH40K mood...been away from them way too long....need to get connected back to the Hive Mind :)

Hmmm...well, more update after this. Need to complete my FOW army list for Case Yellow hehehehe

Cheers :)


  1. Funny diorama you got there, inspired by smurfs?

    Nice job on the Frenchies :)

  2. More like he was on Shrooms when comming up the idea

  3. Hehehe thanks guys

    I go the inspiration from Smurfs (of course)...and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory when watching with my nephew.

    So, instead of having blue humanoid creatures hopping around joyfully in wonderland, I got the lil' bugs lurking for their treats :)

  4. Nice progress man. Looking forward to playing against you in the campaign :)